Is Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence the Same?

Domestic abuse and domestic violence both are two different terms that you might have heard in the news headlines. These terms are used broadly by the attorneys for the people who got indulge in the physical violence living together, married, or dating.

In this article, we are discussing the difference between domestic violence and abuse? Along with multiple aspects regarding physical violence.

Domestic violence vs. domestic abuse

Have you ever thought it is domestic abuse and domestic violence the same, or there’s a difference to it?  Well, both are two different things that are used with the same meaning.

Well, domestic abuse is understood as when any members of the family act violence, threaten, or hit or hold you in a way which it doesn’t leave any mark.  In this, the partner or spouse who is doing violence behaves, which is hugely horrified.

domestic violence

Whereas domestic violence can be understood as the violent act by the spouse on their family member or the partner, this can be horrifying and incredibly depressing. It is better if you awaken about its concept. You need to understand that fact; it is essential to take stand against all these activities.

Mostly it is seen that domestic violence or abuse takes place over the place where the victim is introvert and doesn’t take much stand about themselves; this gives the other person negative encouragement.

What are the preventive steps that you can choose?

  • Ask for proper counseling: if you are a victim of domestic violence or someone you know is a victim of it, then you should surely consult the counselor who can guide you precisely. Counseling is an essential practice that you need to practice against domestic violence or domestic abuse.

domestic abuse

This will help them by providing them confidence as they are already traumatized due to the violence, so first, you need to give sympathy to the victim.

  • Proper awareness: it is essential that you need to have a piece of appropriate knowledge regarding domestic violence and abuse; it will help to empower the victim to help them conveniently.

The government has introduced different types of laws and acts which are helpful for the victims’ domestic violence vs. domestic abuse and help them in a convenient manner punishing the abuser.

Multiple organizations are helping people suffering from domestic violence or domestic abuse and help them to get out of the trauma.