About Us

Alvena Aldridge, publisher and editor-in-chief
First and foremost, Alvena is a mother to five little girls. As a parent, Alvena understands what families and parents in our community need and want. As an experienced writer, journalist, and communicator, she knows how to tell stories, find resources and disseminate them in a useful way. She fell in love with Domestic Abuse Family Shelter after moving here as a newlywed, and is committed to doing her part to keep our community a great place to raise a family.

Alvena’s favorite things include the smell of fresh bread, hand-written notes, sandals, newborn babies, pumpkin steamers, and garden-fresh tomatoes. To know more about her you should understand that she had a custom 12-foot-long, five-foot-wide dining table built to ensure she would always have room at her table for more friends and family. Her life mantra is “family is everything,” and she tries to live by her grandmother-in-law’s words, “If there is room in your heart there is room in your home.”

When she isn’t busy running Domestic Abuse Family Shelter, Alvena enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, checking out unique local digs, jogging or hiking the trails of Domestic Abuse Family Shelter, planning a party, watching Netflix, or decorating her home.

Alvena is inspired by her love of family, authenticity, and people who leave others better than they found them.